Digital Paintings


Harmony has done beautiful, detailed retouch work on photos for over 10 years and now she is combining those skills with her drawing and painting background, to create whimsical digital paintings.  She can take any photo you send her (regardless of size) and scale it up to a poster sized digital painting with hand drawn flair.

Paintings take a minimum of 2 hours to finish and she gets about 1-2 done per day.  So if you have a painting idea, get in touch and she can schedule yours in!

Do you have a person, pet, or element you wish was added into the image?  Send her all the elements and she can come up with a way to use them in the composition!

Do you want a certain vibe or theme in the image?  Do you want the background changed to something else, colors changed on clothes?  No problem, these are all easy to coordinate into the finished painting!

Paintings currently cost a fixed price of $58 per custom poster sized work.  (This is for a digital file, prints cost extra.) (Additional Revisions will cost $10 per revision)

Contact Harmony at: to start your order.

(This price will go up with time so order today!)

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